12 Essential Items For Your Handbag

Sometimes I’m jealous that guys can get away with a wallet, but the right purse can make a fashion statement and be a functional accessory. (Besides, guys don’t mind letting you carry around the camera or reaping the benefit of a pen or kleenex when need be, lol). Yet every woman knows that the larger your handbag is, the more tempting it is to keep filling it up with things until you feel like you are carrying around a small suitcase everyday. Then there is the inevitable rummaging through your bag to find the one item you actually need, which of course has found its way to the very bottom of your bag. So keeping in mind that sometimes less is more, here is a list of 12 essential items (after your wallet, keys, & phone) that every girl should be able to get by with. You can use these suggestions to help lessen your excess baggage or streamline the list even further according to your personal style. Hope it helps!

Sincerely, Saba

1. Hand Sanitizer (next best thing when you can’t wash your hands)

2. Hand Lotion (travel size)

3. Kleenex

4. Pen (never know when you might need one)

5. Floss (travel size…just in case something green from your lunch gets stuck between your teeth)

6. Compact with mirror

7. Your favorite lip gloss or lipstick

8. ChapStick (or some kind of lip balm…chapped lips feel bad and look bad)

9. Gum or mints

10. Hair tie (if you have longer hair)

11. Safety pin (small and useful…it is to your purse what a paper clip is to the office world)

12. Tylenol (any kind of basic pain reliever that works for you)