Be A Desi Girl: Bollywood Makeup

Desi makeup is all about impact. Since formal desi clothes tend to be colorful and elaborate, you can get away with more dramatic makeup styles. That said, there are some basic rules that should be adhered to so that your face doesn’t end up looking like a bag of Skittles.

Rule #1  Highlight only one feature. So if you are going for strong eye makeup use a more muted shade for your lips.

Rule #2  Go easy on the blush. More is definitely not better in this case. Too much blush (especially in a bright shade) looks unnatural and can overwhelm your face. Go with a more neutral shade and remember to blend well.

Rule #3  Prep your face correctly. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and don’t overdo it. Apart from looking horribly artificial, caked on foundation takes the glow away from your face. So let your skin breathe and go for a sheer foundation that provides good coverage. Use concealer to take care of trouble spots.

Rule #4  No raccoon eyes please. I know that Bollywood movies love this look, but while it might work for the cameras and weddings, heavily lined upper and lower lash lines tend to look too harsh for everyday. Not only that, they can overpower and detract from your eyes.

There are also more toned down ways of using desi makeup for everyday wear. We have shared three gorgeous looks below to help you achieve the perfect desi girl look. The first look is more understated and everyday. The next two looks are more dramatic and better suited for evening events. Click on the pictures below to see the video tutorials. If you are interested in more looks, there is a really good book called: The Asian Bridal Look Book that I highly recommend. A friend bought it for me, and the beautiful pictures have been the inspiration of my look on more than one occasion. Have fun!

Sincerely, Saba