Belly Dance Your Body Into Shape

With zumba, yoga, and pilates at the forefront of popular ways to get in shape, running yourself to boredom on a treadmill seems to be becoming a thing of the past. Another creative workout you might not have considered is belly dancing. Sure, it’s not your typical workout, but let’s face it, dancing is much more fun than push-ups. Plus, belly dancing can help put you in touch with your feminine side. Still not convinced? Well, belly dancing (also known as Raks Sharki) is a dance style that builds muscle strength, teaches muscle isolation, and helps with balance to provide a more toned body. Unlike ballet, belly dancing is among the few dance forms that works with the body’s natural movements instead of against them.  So go ahead and have some fun while you shimmy your abs into shape! Watch the tutorials below to learn some basic belly dancing moves.

Sincerely, Saba