Do It Yourself: Manicure & Pedicure

July 16, 2012
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Manicures and pedicures are little luxuries that women should indulge in every once in a while, illness especially during the summer when it is sandal season. Not only do they make your hands and feet look and feel nice, link […]

How To: Hair Bows & Braids

July 9, 2012
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Braids are a popular hairstyle right now. They are an easy way to keep your hair out of the way in the heat and they look stylish. See some of the braided hair tutorials below for a new twist on […]

Red Alert: The Best Shades of Red Lipstick

July 7, 2012

Red lipstick is chic and timeless, so it belongs in every girl’s makeup collection.  However, narrowing down what shade of red lipstick to buy can be a little confusing. A good starting point is to figure out what kind of […]

Get the Look: Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyles

June 8, 2012
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Kim Kardashian’s long, dark tresses are beautiful, and one of her most defining features. She set the trend when it came to loose waves, and her hairstyles are among the most imitated in Hollywood. You can recreate some of Kim […]

Lighten Up: Summer Makeup

June 4, 2012
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Too much makeup in the summer can smother you, medicine so it’s best to keep your look light and simple for hot days. Think of a California glow (neutral makeup with a bit of bronzer and fresh pink lip gloss). […]

Meet Mimi & Leyla

May 21, 2012
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Mimi and Leyla are the owners of Luxy Hair, hospital pharmacy a company that produces clip-in hair extensions. The sisters moved to Canada from Azerbaijan as children and have gained a large following on their YouTube channels: Luxy Hair and Everything […]

MAC Summer 2012 Collection

May 17, 2012
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Summer is here and MAC wants you to set sail with its newest collection: Hey, diagnosis Sailor! Channeling the charm and glamour of vintage pin-up girls, this collection is packed with bright summer colors and comes in cute, striped packaging. […]

UNITE Eurotherapy: Get Celebrity Hair

April 20, 2012
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UNITE Eurotherapy is a boutique line of professional hair care products to cleanse, ampoule condition, rx and style your hair. The fact that all the products in this line are 100% vegan and free of harsh chemicals only adds to […]

2012 Spring & Summer Makeup Trends

April 5, 2012
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So far, cure this year’s makeup trends include a bronzy glow, the natural look with bold brows, rosy cheeks, silvery eye shimmer, and attention-grabbing shades for your lips and nails. Check out the top looks for the season below! Sincerely, […]