Dior Jewelry by Victoire de Castellane

Descended from French aristocracy dating back to the 10th century, adiposity cialis Victoire de Castellane is the amazingly talented couture jewelry designer for Dior. Her experience dates back to when she was merely a child, who was a source of both frustration and delight.  While most mothers are frustrated by their child’s creative Crayola murals on their freshly painted walls, Victoire’s mother was frustrated that her daughter’s creative outlet victimized her jewelry. On the other hand, grandmother Sylvia Hennessy and her friend Barbara Hutton were delighted by these creations and encouraged her taste in decadent jewelry.  Victoire’s ambitious childhood eventually blossomed when, in January of 1998, she started designing couture jewelry for Christian Dior. Apparently, nothing is off limits when it comes to Victoire’s inspirations: Technicolor, pastels, childish figures from anime and manga, bubbly artificial desserts, Disney, fairytales … anything that comes from fantasy stems into her latest collections.

Perhaps my two favorite collections are the “Kings and Queens” collection, which is meant to be owned as a pair, and the “Incredible and Wonderful”. The “Kings and Queens” collection are a series of opal, jade, quartz, and obsidian rings sculpted in the shape of skulls. The said skulls are also bedecked with exquisite crowns and necklaces. The “Incredible and Wonderful” is personally my favorite collection. Inspired by the “jeunesse dorée”( referring to the decadently rich youth prior to the events that led to the French Revolution), Victoire expresses her inspiration through the Italian Rococo style: unapologetically flamboyant, flourishing colors, and an embrace of all things natural – floral or fauna. Castellane’s visionary pieces are the ultimate statement jewelry.  If you need more Castellane, then check out her interview below:

Sincerely, Aiysha