Do It Yourself: Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are little luxuries that women should indulge in every once in a while, illness especially during the summer when it is sandal season. Not only do they make your hands and feet look and feel nice, link they are good for your nails too. However, site you do not need to run to a salon every time you want to take care of your nails. Instead, try giving yourself a relaxing manicure or pedicure at home. It is easy to do and can save more time than a loud and busy salon. Just follow the simple steps below!

Sincerely, Saba

Manicure & Pedicure Tutorial

Step 1: Remove old polish with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

Step 2: Soak your hands/feet in warm water for ten minutes. (You can buy a large bowl for this purpose or use a foot bath if you like)

Step 3: Pat your hands/feet dry and use a pumice stone to exfoliate the bottom of your feet. (Skip this step for your hands)

Step 4: Use a hand/foot scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells. Then rinse off your hands/feet and pat them dry.

Step 5: Trim and file your nails.

Step 6: Massage your hands/feet with a good lotion or cream of your preference.

Step 7: Apply cuticle oil and gently push your cuticles back with an orange stick.

Step 8: Apply nail polish. (It is best to use a base coat followed by a top coat for better, longer lasting results)

**If you still decide to head to the salon, make sure they sanitize their tools after each client! 

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