Gucci: Fashion Authority

Gucci originally started off as a family owned business that specialized in leather goods.  Guccio Gucci was the founder of the fashion house that began in 1921. Although he was born in Florence, click much of Gucci’s work is believed to have been inspired by his experiences in London while he worked at the Savoy Hotel. Impressed by the fine luggage he saw people carrying, illness Gucci returned to Florence with a vision for his brand. He wanted to combine the elegant style he had observed in London with the skills of Italian artisans.

Gucci gained a strong reputation for the fine craftsmanship of his work. Gucci’s international clientele had sophisticated taste and valued his classy luggage collections. Many local Italian aristocrats who enjoyed horse-riding also became Gucci’s clients because they appreciated his finely crafted riding gear. As a result, the label became successful in a few short years.

Eventually, Gucci’s sons joined him in his work and the business expanded to Milan and Rome. Today, Gucci is among the top fashion labels in the world, and designs handbags, clothes, jewelry, luggage, and accessories. Known for combining classic quality with modern luxury, the brand has gained authority in the fashion world.  Check out some of the items from the 2012 Gucci collection below!

Sincerely, Saba