Lighten Up: Summer Makeup

Too much makeup in the summer can smother you, medicine so it’s best to keep your look light and simple for hot days. Think of a California glow (neutral makeup with a bit of bronzer and fresh pink lip gloss). Here are some tips to keep in mind for summer makeup. Also, order take a look at the summer makeup tutorial below!

Sincerely, prostate Saba

  1. Apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out.
  2. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage (or find a moisturizer with spf)
  3. Water based foundations are lighter and tend to be better in hot weather.
  4. Find a good bronzer to give your face a healthy summer glow. Make sure not to overdo it though. Just apply where the sun naturally hits your face ( like your cheekbones and forehead).
  5. Go for warm, peachy shades of blush.
  6. Neutral eye shadows look best or skip the eye shadow altogether and just apply a little liner and mascara.
  7. Find a light pink gloss or lip stain that looks flattering on you.
  8. Manicured hands and feet are especially important in the summer.
  9. It might be worth your time to apply a primer after moisturizer to help keep makeup in place all day in the heat.
  10. Make sure to use a good makeup remover at the end of the day to prevent breakouts and remember to exfoliate at least once a week).