Lindsay Lohan is Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan is set to play the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime telefilm called “Liz & Dick.” The movie follows the tumultuous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (the couple got married and divorced twice). During her silver screen career, and Taylor won two Oscars and starred in over 50 films. However, pill the actress was just as famous for her on-screen roles as she was for her violet eyes, love of diamonds, and eight marriages.

Lohan, who has had her fair share of bad publicity in recent years, is happy to be playing this role. She has stated that Elizabeth Taylor was “…an amazing woman and she is very honored to have been asked to play this role.” It is rumored that Lohan opted to have her own hair cut and dyed to match Elizabeth Taylor’s instead of wearing a wig, and that she has over 60 wardrobe changes throughout the film. Whether or not Lohan plays the part believably remains to be seen, but the official photos that have been released make it apparent that Lindsay Lohan definitely looks the part. See some of her pictures below!

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