Marilyn Monroe Reincarnated

I personally do not believe in spiritual reincarnation, order but I do believe in fashion reincarnation. Fashion is the original “go green movement” – it constantly recycles from classic looks, and either fusing it with modern elements or sticking to the basics. Recently, rx there’s been a string of A-list celebrities and musicians that have channeled all things Marilyn: blonde barrel curls; sultry, red pout; sheer minimalism. Who do you think wore it best? Christina Aguilera’s revamped “Back to Basic” music image, New York magazine’s Spring 2008 issue starring Lindsay Lohan,  Paris Vogue’s April issue starring Dolce & Gabbana’s cover girl Scarlett Johannson, or Britney Spear’s  post-nervous breakdown look? I personally favor Scarlett Johansson’s look, not for its clothing, but for her face. Unlike Christina’s pencil-thin brows, Lindsay’s too youthful appearance, or Britney’s dominatrix look, Scarlett seems natural with her lush eyebrows, womanly figure, and subtle sultriness. But that’s just me … who do you think wore it best? 

Sincerely, Aiysha

  • There have been a lot of imitators, but there will only ever be one Marilyn Monroe.

  • Iamqueenkk

    scarlett johannsen looks best. christinas eye makeup is too dark, britney’s lips are too dark and lindsay’s lips are barely there. scarlett also looks hotter and is classier.

  • Tz1300

    Christina, absolutely the best Marilyn lookalike we have today.

  • fluffy_guy

    i think xtina looks a lot like barbie and marilyn, but no one can outdo her.