Meet Makeup Artist Leesha C.

We all have routines. For some, stomach it’s school. For others, it’s work. These routines provide a certain set of expectations that may fall below our craziest dreams and hopes. But every once in a while, a regular, run-of-the-mill experience may eventually transform into a life-changing opportunity ripe for the picking. That’s what happened to Leesha C. her sophomore year in high school when visiting a MAC Pro store in LA. A seemingly ordinary experience for most women was love at first sight for Leesha C. Training herself with web makeup tutorials, Leesha reinvented herself into the lovely and talented xSparkage. Her talents are up for display on her personal website: xsparkage. Whether you’re in the mood for embracing the whole rainbow or just parts of it, here are a couple of gorgeous looks you can try for yourself…..

Sincerely, Aiysha

Favorite #1: Playdate – Rainbow Eyes from IMATS Vancouver

Experience the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. No, I’m not talking about Skittles. Mined from Shock Effects Collection from Naked Cosmetics, Leesha embraces the rainbow. Click on the image to see the tutorial.


Favorite #2: Cranberry Cocktail

If you loved the last tutorial, but are wary to try on the whole rainbow – or are you interested in only one end of the spectrum, then check out this lovely tutorial which highlights the warmer hues of the rainbow. The soft reds and oranges in this MAC palette combine to create the perfect sunrise/sunset look. Click on the image to see the tutorial.


Favorite #3: Playdate – MAC Double Feature Blues and Greens

If you want to experience both ends of the rainbow, but are still wary of looking like a Macaw parrot, then try the following tutorial as a bridge between the warm and cool colors in the spectrum. Click on the image to see the tutorial. 


Favorite #4: Fierce Friday – Ocean Eyes

Are you just not interested in the rainbow or the warmer colors? Are you more of a fan of the classy and elegant blue hue? Then check out the tutorial for this look by clicking on the image.