Meet Makeup Artist Michelle Phan

As of February 2010, medicine the self-taught makeup artist and art student Michelle Phan officially joined the ranks of Lancome as the first-ever video makeup artist for the legendary brand. Apparently, there Michelle Phan’s career is littered with a series of firsts. Michelle AKA RiceBunny launched the first ever makeup tutorial on YouTube in 2007. With over 150 videos, Michelle reached over one million subscribers and eventually became the number one most subscribed woman on YouTube. Aside from her faithful phanatics, Lancome took notice of her skillful application of makeup and her penchant for using their brand. This eventually led to a dream invitation for Michelle to join Lancome’s legendary rank of makeup artists. As someone who just can’t get enough of innovative makeup ideas, I find it an absolute luxury to be able to peruse Michelle’s more formal Lancome profile, as well as her more laidback and prolific personal website. There’s just way too much to choose from her personal website, so I dedicate the rest of this article to my personal top three Lancome looks that Michelle has created….

Sincerely,  Aiysha

P.S. If Michelle ever decides to change her career, then she should become a musical talent scout – I love her taste!

Favorite #1: Perfect Red Lips

I’ve always believed that red looks good on everyone, but I am not able to convince others of this opinion. Maybe it’s because of my pathetic attempts to apply red lipstick properly. Whatever the reason, Michelle Phan beautifully demonstrates how no woman should be afraid to embrace red lipstick in their makeup routine. Click this link and the following tutorial explains how to choose the right red for your skin tone, as well as how to apply it.

Favorite #2: Day to Night

Are you one of those multi-tasking beauties who is suffering from product overload in your purse and/or office desk? Are you too exhausted to actually spend another 15 minutes redoing  your makeup for a new face for the night scene? Well ladies, you’re in luck! Click this link and to see the tutorial that shows you how to apply not only a professional and polished office look, but also how to make a few adjustments to achieve the perfect, dramatic night time look.

Favorite#3: Exotic Chinese Makeup

I love ethnic-specific looks, because each nationality’s physical differences – while beautifully exotic – can be troublesome when trying to figure out how to apply certain makeup trends. Anyone who’s attempted to copy a trend from their favorite magazine or blog knows that makeup opposes “the one size fits all” philosophy. During a Lancome PR trip to Beijing, Michelle Phan was asked to create four different looks catered to Chinese beauties – a natural look, an office look, a dating look, and a party look. See the video below!