Do It Yourself: 3 Fresh Salad Recipes

January 13, 2013
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Salads are a good way to incorporate some fresh fruit and veggies into your diet. With all the different variations you can create, cialis this is a delicious meal that you can reinvent everyday. Just be careful not to add a high calorie dressing and this can be a low fat meal as well.  Try some of the delicious recipes below for inspiration! Sincerely, viagra order Saba #1) Southwestern Salad 1/2 cup avocado, medical cut in thin slices or cube 3/4 cup packed cilantro, finely chopped 1 tbsp lime juice 3 cups finely chopped romaine 1/2 cup black beans, canned […]

Makeup Tutorial: Alessandra Ambrosio

January 11, 2013
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Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model. Throughout her career she has worked with Christian Dior, Armani, and Ralph Lauren. However, she is mostly known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. In 2004, she became the spokeswoman for the company’s “PINK” line. Her bronzed makeup look usually consists of dewy skin, flushed cheeks, and long lashes. Follow the tutorial below to get Alessandra’s runway look! Sincerely, Saba

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How To: Popular Ponytails

January 10, 2013
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We all have lazy hair days or mornings when our hair decides that it does not want to work with us. Before you get frustrated and call it quits, shop see if one of these hair tutorials can help you out. Do not be fooled into thinking that these are your average ponytails. These looks are a new twist on an old “tail.” Plus, viagra they are super sleek and simple to achieve.  So turn your bad hair day into a great hair day by following the chic hair tutorials below! Sincerely, store Saba   #1) Pump up the volume […]

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Meet Maya Angelou

January 9, 2013
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Maya Angelou is a well-known American author and poet. However, pilule she did not spend her entire life as a famous writer.  Indeed, order it is her journey through a rough childhood, recipe travels abroad, a career as an actress and dancer, and eventually her experience with motherhood that gives her writing so much depth and insight. She worked many odd jobs to support herself and her son, but Angelou was a talented woman with a bigger destiny ahead. “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget […]

Coconut Water: Miracle or Myth?

December 13, 2012
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Drinking coconut water is the new food fad following in the steps of the pomegranate and the acai berry. Sales in the U.S. and Europe doubled to more than $265 million last year and the upward trend still seems to be going. The clear liquid, check found inside a young, ed green coconut has been praised for all kinds of health benefits and is considered to be the new “natural” sports and energy drink. So is coconut water really all that it’s cracked up to be? Well it turns out that it does have the following benefits: Low calories, no […]

Georgia O’Keeffe: A World In Color

November 22, 2012
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Red Poppy, pharm 1924 Georgia O’Keeffe was a modern American artist who rose to fame long before most female artists were able to gain recognition for their work. O’Keeffe is famous for the vivid colors she used in her paintings and her detailed, diagnosis magnified portrayal of flowers. She is also well-known for some of the striking paintings she did of views of New York City.   “I decided that if I could paint that flower on a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.” –Georgia O’Keeffe. O’Keeffe got her start in 1916, when Alfred Stieglitz (a well-known photographer […]