Quick Fix, Healthy Snacks

So we all have those days when we are super busy and don’t have time to sit down and eat a proper breakfast or lunch.  But as the day rolls on, our energy starts to drain and we either fade or start eating whatever comes in sight, lol.  An effective way to break this cycle is to eat small meals or snacks throughout the day.  Not only will this keep you going strong, it will help prevent overeating later in the day.  A good tip is to try and sneak in some protein where you can as it provides a more consistent source of energy and helps keep your blood sugar steady.  Here are some snack suggestions that work for me.  I hope you find them helpful. Enjoy!



orange blueberries

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese & Fruit:

Low-fat cottage cheese is a great snack.  It is amazingly low carb and high protein and can really fill you up without hurting your calorie intake.  I like pairing it with a clementine and some blueberries to add a boost of antioxidants and vitamin C.  However, you can pair it whichever fruit/veggie combo you like or even eat it plain.



Low-Fat Greek Yogurt:

This is another great low-fat option.  The flavored Greek yogurt cups contain a little more sugar, but you can always purchase the plain Greek yogurt if you want to get around that.  Greek yogurt naturally tastes a little sour, so I started avoiding it, but FAGE tastes much better than other brands I’ve tried.  Generally, Greek yogurt is a better option than regular yogurt because it contains more protein and less sugar in a serving.  I like the FAGE Greek yogurt with honey.  I usually add some blueberries and granola and drizzle just a little bit of the honey over the top and it keeps me full for a while.


pita chips swiss

Pita Chips & Swiss Cheese Spread:

If I’m in the mood for something savory, this is a good go-to.  Stacy’s pita chips pair up great with a Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese triangle.  The cheese spread comes in lots of good flavors and only contains 1g of saturated fat and carbs.  Naturally, the pita chips contain carbs, but since they are baked instead of fried, they are still a healthier option than potato chips.  So this is a good option to satisfy a salty, crunchy craving.


kind barsKIND Bars:

I know I’ve already mentioned that I’m a fan of these bars, but they really are a convenient snack when you’re in a hurry.  They are packed with good antioxidants and contain healthy nuts and fats that are beneficial in a balanced diet.  So if I’m pressed for time, it helps to toss one of these yummy bars in my handbag before I head out the door.