Statement Lip: Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipstick

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I am late to the party with this one, but still wanted to say a few words for the fantastic Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks.  These were the first liquid lipsticks I tried and they have remained a staple in my makeup routine.  The collection offers a variety of gorgeous matte colors.  The shades range from neutrals and nudes to bold, vibrant colors that are perfect for a statement lip.  Compared to some other leading brands, I find that this formula does not dry out my lips much, which is a big plus for a liquid lipstick.  The formula contains vitamin E and avocado oil to help retain moisture.  Applying some lip balm beforehand also helps (just make sure to wipe if off once your lips are moisturized so that the lipstick applies correctly).  The texture is creamy and feels weightless once on.  The product has a faint paint-like smell, but it quickly disappears after the product dries.

I love the rich color payoff even though it feels like there is nothing on my lips.  These lipsticks do not budge for hours and do not feather at the border of your lips.  The only time I have to touch up a bit is after eating (but that’s to be expected with any liquid lipstick).  I do feel that application is key with this lippie.  As mentioned, make sure your lips are not dry so the product does not cling to dry skin.  Also, apply the product evenly before it dries or the color can look patchy.  Finally, applying a lip liner first provides a finished look and helps provide a crisp edge when applying one of the darker or brighter shades.  I recommend trying out the samples before deciding on which colors to purchase.  Some of the lighter shades look more washed out upon application than they do in the tube.  All in all, the Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are amazing!  The color saturation is gorgeous, the product stays on strong, and this liquid lipstick effortlessly provides a professional-looking, statement lip.  See the color descriptions from my personal collection below.

– Saba


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From Left to Right:

  1. Caramello: muted nude that pairs perfectly with a smoky eye
  2. Patina: this shade is a deep, dusty rose color and was one of the most popular in the collection. It is a good neutral for daytime and looks good with just about anything
  3. Bella: bright pop of pink that looks great in the summer if you want a statement lip that is not red
  4. Aria: deep, almost purple-pink shade that looks great in the evening or in the fall and winter
  5. Bacca: warm, raspberry pink shade that is a personal favorite
  6. Venezia: fiery, coral red that looks gorgeous with a summer tan
  7. Beso: true red with blue undertones. This is another personal favorite for a bold, statement lip