The 60’s, 70’s, & Retro: Fashion or Faux Pas?

In the ever changing world of fashion, physician there are true trends that withstand the test of time, dosage and then there are faux pas which skim by for a time under the guise of fads. Today, online I bring to your attention (in case you have been living under a rock for the past year) a plague on the fashion world of epidemic proportions.

There has been a strong push to revive the dark ages of fashion by bringing back the worst color choice and patterns of a century. The contagion has affected all levels of the fashion industry from the designer to the consumer. Yes, the sensory  persecution I speak of is none other than the return of the “style” of the 60’s and more so 70’s. This includes such perpetrators as bell bottoms— which have crept into the mainstream by hiding among jeans most commonly, and those psychedelic blocks of color and overlapping swirls seen on everything from blouses to flowing maxi dresses. Let’s also not forget about peasant tops, platform shoes, and tie-dye.  Dull orange, puke green combined with brown, and anything else reminiscent of bile are the mainstays of this age’s color scheme.

If you are under the delusion that this scourge has not reached the mainstream, just take a look in your local Macy’s or Nordstrom.  Where did they copy the faux pas from? None other than top designers’ Spring/Summer 2011 lines like D&G, Michael Kors, Nicole Miller,  etc. The list goes on. Notable celebs have forwarded the trend as well.  Bad fashion is like spam, please do not forward it.

At then end of the day though, the choice is yours. Your style is your own – even if it is flared pants and jersey jumpsuits, but please don’t copy the style of the day simply because it’s popular. You never know, today’s trend may be tomorrow’s faux pas!

Sincerely, Jane