The Best Hairstyle For The Shape of Your Face

A flattering haircut can bring out your personality by accentuating your best features, so it’s worth thinking about which style suits you. One good rule is to consider the shape of your face. Read the guide below for some basic tips on which haircut looks best on you.

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 #1) Round Face Shape
– Face is as round as it is wide.
– Rounded jawline and hairline.
– Widest point of face are cheeks and ears.








Hair Do’s:
– Off-center part.
– Short styles that are swept back or have choppy pieces layered in.
– Longer hairstyles with layers that fall below the chin.
– Side swept bangs.
– More height at crown of head.

Hair Don’ts: 
– Center part.
– Straight, blunt cut bangs that can overpower your face.
– Chin length haircuts.
– Layers or curls that fall above the chin can add too much bulk around the face.

 #2) Oval Face Shape
– Slightly narrower at jawline than temples.
– Gently rounded hairline.










Hair Do’s:
– This face shape can play off a variety of cuts and all different lengths will work.
– Layers with side swept bangs.

Hair Don’ts:
– Heavy bangs that cover up your face.
– Hairstyles that add to much bulk around the face.


#3) Square Face Shape
– Strong, angular jawline.
– Squared hairline.









Hair Do’s:
– Add texture with short, choppy layers above the chin.
– Layers that fall above or below the chin.
– Long hairstyles with wavy ends or stick straight.

Hair Don’ts:
– Straight, linear bangs.
– Straight, one length cut ending at your jawline.
– Layers that end at your chin.

#4) Heart Face Shape
– Wider at temples and hairline.
– Narrow, delicate chin.



Hair Do’s:
– Side part.
– Chin length or longer cuts.
– Layers that fall right before the chin.
– Chin length bob.

Hair Don’ts:
– Styles that add too much fullness at the top like very short, choppy layers.
– Slicked back hairstyles.

#5) Rectangle Face Shape
– Long, slender face.
– Sometimes have narrow chin or high forehead.









Hair Do’s:
– Short or medium length styles.
– Styles that add fullness to sides of face.
– Layers that flow.
– Side parts and center parts work well with this face shape.
– Bangs (straight, fringe cut if high forehead).

Hair Don’ts:
– Very long hairstyles all one length.
– Straight or flat styles with hair all one length.
– Extremely short styles.

#6) Diamond Face Shape
– This shape is a cross between heart and oval.
– Widest at cheekbones.
– Equally narrow at forehead and jawline.








Hair Do’s:
– Can play off a variety of lengths.
– Side swept bangs.
– Soft layers.
– Pulled back hairstyles.

Hair Don’ts:
– Harsh bangs.
– Hair pulled too far forward.

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