The Spotlight Is On Makeup Artist Doe Deere

Musician, model, makeup artist, fashion designer – if one woman does all these things, or at least attempts them, then what is she called …. a self-made entrepreneur.  In Self-Made’s issue of “50 Women: Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us,” the magazine applauds women for fulfilling needs of a demanding public through an easily accessible outlet: blogs. Russian beauty Xenia Vorotova, or more popularly known as Doe Deere, founded a makeup line called Lime Crime in order to fulfill any woman’s need for blindingly, brilliant colorful lipsticks and eye shadows that do not fade once it makes contact with the skin. Deere’s cult following, known fondly as “deerlings,” drew attention of major media outlets, ranging from the edgy MTV Buzzworthy and Nylon magazine to the sophisticated InStyle and Elle magazines. Although I’m not daring enough to try neon lipsticks and some of her more avant-garde eye makeup tutorials, as does the majority of women who wear makeup in public, I admire her tenacity, confidence, and persistence in marketing such a controversial style. It’s paid off and she’s willing to show it in her blog. If you are one of those ladies bold enough to try her looks, then check out Deere’s makeup tutorials. I’m a fan of four looks myself.

Favorite #1: Russian Royalty

My ultimate favorite is the “Russian Royalty.” Perfect for any occasion or style, this look combines the shimmer of a subtle golden smoky eye combined with the impact of the classic red lip. To read more on how to get this look, check out the tutorial by clicking on the picture.







Favorite #2: Just Bitten’s Gothic Beauty

My second love in the color spectrum is purple (my first is teal). It’s rich, velvety hue instantly turns any woman into a glamorous creature … no wonder it was reserved for  royalty! That is why Deere’s “Gothic Beauty” style is my second favorite of all her looks. I would probably tone down the wide area of purple around her eyes and go for a softer shade of lipstick, but these eyes absolutely smoulder! To read more on how to get this look, check out the tutorial by clicking the picture to the right.

 Favorite #3: Elfish

After fall, spring is my favorite season. It’s ironic, however, that I can’t step outside for three months because of my severe allergies. How tragic is it that a girl in love with flowers and all other colorful things spring entails can’t even enjoy the season. But I’ve recently realized that makeup, for me, is the perfect expression of whatever spring cravings I may be having. One image of spring I truly enjoy is the sight of sunlight filtering through lush green leaves. This is where Deere’s “Elfish” look comes in third on my list of Deere favorites. To read more on how to get this look, follow the tutorial by clicking on the picture to the left.

Favorite #4: Glitterbug

If you’ve read my past two Deere makeup reviews, then you know that I yearn both for purple and spring. Have you ever been torn between two things that you equally crave? Well then, you can understand why my fourth Deere favorite is “Glitterbug.” Combining my two favorite color spectrums into one look is genius! To read more on how to get this look, check out the tutorial by clicking on the picture on the right.

Sincerely, Aiysha