The Timeless Glamour of Elizabeth Taylor

An icon of glamour and fashion, Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered for her role on the silver screen, her mesmerizing violet eyes, and passionate love of jewelry. The famous Krupp diamond (33.19 carats) which she wore everyday and the pear-shaped Taylor-Burton diamond (69.42 carats) in the necklace below, were just two of many extravagant gifts from her husband Richard Burton. Taylor was quoted saying: “Big girls need big diamonds.”

“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” – Elizabeth Taylor

A trailblazer in marketing a celebrity brand, Taylor was involved in several successful businesses that were a large source of her considerable fortune. Her 3 famous fragrances: White Diamonds, Passion, & Passion for Men made over $68 million in sales in 2010 alone.

Currently, The Elizabeth Taylor Collection is up for auction at Christie’s, and will be on display for the public at the Rockefeller Center auction house in NYC until December 13th. The collection includes some of Taylor’s magnificent jewels like a $3 million Cartier necklace and her jeweled tiara. See the pics below!

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