Why Women Need Their Girlfriends

There have been numerous books  and articles written on the mysterious bond between women and their girlfriends.  Even some of the most memorable relationships on-screen have been between women and their friends, whether you look at Rachel, Monica, & Phoebe’s trio, the Gilmore Girls, or Desperate Housewives. Some interesting studies have found that when faced with a stressful situation, women tend to turn to the girlfriends in their life first.

Part of the secret could lie in the way women connect. Friendships between women tend to focus on talking- whether it be about experiences or problems. In comparison, men don’t typically connect with each other by talking. Instead, guys tend to connect more through doing things together, whether it be playing sports or video games, working on a project, or watching the game. Conversations between men tend to be more objective and focused on finding a solution, instead of discussing feelings. Women usually take more comfort in venting out their feelings and discussing how something is affecting them, instead of just focusing on finding an answer (of course, there are always exceptions in both cases).

Another explanation could be emotions. One study found that women are much more sensitive to a certain stress hormone than men, so maybe it’s instinctively easier to talk to another woman because it feels like she will understand where you are coming from.

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that girlfriends can be some of the most valuable people you know. Take a look at the important women in your life and see if they fit one of the 4 general girlfriend types listed below. Do you fill the roles mentioned in somebody else’s life?

Sincerely, Saba

Type #1: Forever Friend

This is the girlfriend who has known you forever. She was the friend who told you that first pimple didn’t really even show, the friend you turned to when you were feeling bad about that argument with your parents, the friend who cheered for you at graduation, and calmed your nerves the day of your wedding. You two have a special bond because you have come a long road together and have been there for each other through all the crazy experiences of life.

Type #2: The Confidante 

This is the type of girlfriend who is trustworthy and wise. You can confide in her and your secrets will be safe. Talking to her is therapeutic and her sage advice helps you gain perspective. She’s the friend who helps you sort through some of the most painful, embarrassing, and frustrating moments in your life and stands objectively in your corner the whole way.

Type #3: The Booster Buddy

This girlfriend recognizes your potential and won’t let you accept anything less out of yourself. She’s like an amazing coach who pushes you to fulfill your goals and dreams, and cheers you on all the way. Her positive energy helps keep you focused and driven.


Type #4: The Pick-me-up Pal 

This is the girlfriend who knows how to lighten the mood. She’s there for you when you need to relax and have some fun. She knows the best places to shop, the restaurant you’ll love, and the perfect ice-cream and movie combo to cheer you up. Spending time with her is refreshing and her upbeat attitude helps you de-stress.

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