Year of the Dragon: China on the Catwalk

I was taking a leisurely stroll around my neighborhood Saturday night when all of a sudden a young Chinese girl leaned out of the backseat of the car and hollered, for sale “Happy Chinese New Year!” She had on a cute, mind red-sequined cheongsam – the traditional Chinese dress – with gold frog buttons. Admiring her outfit, I wondered about the typical Chinese New Year attire. The Chinese New Year is a lunar-based calendar event, and this year, starting from January 23rd, is the Year of the Dragon. Considered the luckiest of all creatures, the dragon symbolizes dominance and ambition. That is exactly what I found when I perused the internet for China’s Fashion Week ensembles. The exotic orient stormed the catwalk in full free-thinking, free-spirited fashion. Some inspirations for these fabulous designs came from the classic Chinese red, traditional Chinese tailoring, China patterns, and the Tang Dynasty. I hope Western designers take a cue from these fabulous creations before the next Chinese New Year arrives!

Sincerely, Aiysha