Your Guide to Jeans

Jeans are a go-to item and belong in every woman’s wardrobe.  The hard part is finding a pair that works for you. It can be a bit overwhelming to sort through the many different styles that are popular right now, so here are some guidelines to follow. The best start point is figuring out the cut that flatters your figure best. The five types mentioned below are among the most popular styles right now and therefore the easiest to find in stores. Read the descriptions to figure out what category is your best fit!

Sincerley, Saba

#1) Bootcut: This is the most timeless style of jeans and works for most women. The advantage of these jeans is that they gently hug or skim your curves from the hip down. They are not as baggy as flares, nor as tight as skinny jeans, so you get the better of both worlds. The only trick is finding a pair that fits you well.

#2) Flare: These jeans are a modern spin on the 70’s bellbottom. They are more fitted at the waist and slowly flare out along the length of the leg down to the ankle. Some cuts flare out more dramatically around the foot than others. These jeans are not usually a good pick for petite women because they break up the length of the leg and make one appear shorter. Flare jeans tend to flatter taller women more and may be a good choice for them.

#3) Skinny: Really popular right now, but not meant for all body types. They hug every curve from your hip down, so if those are not the parts of your body you want to emphasize, this style is not your best choice. Skinnies work better on women who are both tall and thin or have toned legs.

#4) Straight: This is a more classic style. These jeans have a straight line cut from the hip all the way down. They help elongate the leg without clinging the way skinny jeans do. They are a good cut for petite women, but may not be the best choice for tall women.

#5) Boyfriend: These jeans have become popular more recently because they are among the kindest of jeans. The relaxed fit helps hide any extra pounds you may wish to conceal and they are comfortable. However, they tend to work better for pear shapes and may be a bit overwhelming on a thinner frame. If you have a tight waist and still want to give these jeans a go, try wearing them lower around your waist.