Pretty in Pink Lipstick: 5 Popular Shades

Pink lipstick is in! While red seems like the boldest color, cost the right shade of pink makes quite a statement too, prescription and right now it’s popular with celebs and on the runway. Not sure which shade will work for you? Take a look at the different celebrity looks below to get an idea of what hue you are going for. Think pink!

Sincerely, unhealthy Saba

#1) Haute Pink:  Alexis Bledel and Beyonce’s bright pouts are glamorous! It’s best to pair a bold lip color like this one with more muted eye makeup. Try colors like MAC: Girl About Town or COVERGIRL:  Spellbound.

#2) Edgy Girl: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, & Lea Michele are going for candy pinks with a hint of fuchsia tint in them.  Try colors NYC: Blue Rose or Maybelline: Fuchsia Fever.

#3) Rosy Lips: Taylor Swift looks sweet in this softer pink. A shade like this can be worn to the office or out for the evening. Try colors like Maybelline: Pink Wink or NYX: Paris.


#4) Soft & Romantic: Emma Stone’s pale pink is a little frosty and looks feminine and chic. Try colors like MAC: Pink Burst or L’oréal: Pink Lady.

#5) Pink Hint: Mila Kunis & Angelina Jolie’s sheer pink gloss looks elegant and is a subtle way to add a little color. This look would work well for day or night.  Try colors like Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss: Pink Whisper or Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss: Piece of Cake.

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