Popular Shades of Nail Polish for 2012

The right shade of nail polish can be the perfect accessory, and there is no time like summer to show off your hands and feet with a shiny coat of nail polish. Here are some of the popular shades of nail polish that are trending for 2012.

#1) Neutral

Stick with neutrals if you are worried about the office. You can never go wrong with these colors and your nails will look chic and manicured.  Try OPI’s Bubble Bath for a neutral with a pink tint or Sally Hansen’s Dune for a natural, beige color.

 #2) Red       

Red nail polish is a classic. It is a tried and true color that looks both bold and sophisticated.

 #3) Coral

There is a craze for coral right now and it is a beautiful summer color. For a brighter shade try Coral by Essie. If you are looking for a more subdued shade try Tropical Temptation by Revlon.

 #4) Girly Pink

Classic, Barbie girl pink is always in. Try these girly tints by Elf and Nicole.

 #5) Mint     

Go green! Cool, minty hues are a popular alternative to bright colors this year.

#6) Blue

Pale blues are all the rage right now. Try Essie and Chanel’s soft, dreamy hues.

#7) Glitter

Sparkle in these glamorous, glittery colors by Sally Hansen.

#8) Orange Dreamsicle

Orange is popular right now and it comes in fun shades like Orange Creamsicle and Jaffa.

#9) Purple

If you want to try something a little edgier go for purple nail polish. You can lean towards lavender or darker, bolder shades.

#10) Yellow

Taxi yellow nail polish is bold and cheerful and it is popular this summer.

#11) Deep Red

Think of nail polish in vampire red. This is a dramatic shade that makes a statement and looks elegant in the evening.

#12) Hot Pink

Be bright! A hot pink shade is a nice alternative to red. It’s trendy and still gives you a pop of color.


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